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About Donna

I'm a habitual writer, continual daydreamer, avid "Journaler" and a now and then walker.

I've been writing in one form or another since I could hold a pen. But things really took off over the last 20 years during which wrote numerous essays and stories, and authored over 50 inspirational books to lift the hearts and spirits of others.

I grew up amid the rolling hills of a small Pennsylvania Dutch community where my family's roots run deep  Related to almost everyone in our valley, we seemed to have a cousin on every block. Due to the narrowing gene pool, my sisters and I moved away from home---but not too far, continuing to live in Pennsylvania, close to where our ancestors originally settled in the early 1700s.

After graduating from college, I worked as a secretary, then as a paralegal. Eight years later, I left the outside working world and worked inside, staying home and raising a family. It was then I rediscovered myself and my faith. Soon after, I was hired as a parttime secretary at my church. There my imagination took flight and I began writing stories (fiction and nonfiction) for our newsletter, then created, wrote, and edited a newsletter for our town as well.


Eight years later, I resigned from my church secretarial job to become certified as a proofreader and a copy editor. I then took the plunge to freelance for book publishers. Soon after, I became a freelance editor and author for publishers, and later a certified coach, helping people find their own words and form their own stories through journaling. 


The main motivating factors that propel me through my life and work are my passion for words and my innate desire to encourage others.  


I live in Bucks County, PA, with my husband Pete. We’re the parents of two grown children, the grandparents of one very active grandchild, and the caretakers of two rescue animals (one dog and one cat) that rescue our hearts every day. During my downtime, you’ll find me—and sometimes the cat—entangled in knitting.  


I hope you’ll find something of fun, inspiration, encouragement, and value in my website, books, and writing tips.


Now go. Read. Write. Inspire. And encourage others with your words.

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